Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Do I dare say it?

I could not enjoy today. I just couldn't. And I hate that I couldn't enjoy watching history being made. Here's the deal... I want to start out by saying I have high hopes for the change that Obama has promised. I really do. He has some big shoes to fill and think he'll do his darnest to fill em'. So what's my problem? People are treating him more like a celebrity than a President. Do I dare even say they are treating him like a Savior? I don't give a flying flip what he or his wife is wearing to a ball and for the news programs to talk about it for an hour is out of hand. This is not what matters. My list goes on..

I am however, grateful I live in America! I'm also grateful to see where we have come as a country that we can elect an African American as our president. I know this is a country like no other. And to actually be born here, raise a family at a time like this- blows my mind. It's sometimes too much for me to take in. I'm just glad I know my part in the world (at least a very small portion of it).

I'll end by saying: God Bless America!


Lindsay & Nick said...

I'm right there with you. I'm concerned about everything. He's promised so much, and looking at past presidents have promised and not been able to hold up to, he's got a lot against him. Everyone is acting like the country will be a different place over night. I'm afraid of the hopelessness that the country as a whole will feel when/if he doesnt deliver everything he's promised. I do honestly hope though that he does better than I'm expecting, I think he's touted too much "change" for him to be able to follow through, hopefully I'm wrong!

PS, how's life?

The Blackburn Family said...

I totally agree with you! I had those same feelings today and found myself feeling both hope and disgust as the same time. However, just like you I want to wish him success in governing this country.


Don't worry alot of us are right there with you. I think the biggest thing I enjoyed watching on TV yesterday is their 2 kids and how Barack loved/treated his wife. They seem to be a family that has a good strong unit. I really appericate that! He seems to be an awesome husband and dad. We shall see what changes if any will come from him....hopefully postivie, but I got something in my email saying one of the first things he was signing, was the PRO CHOICE bill...which is scary. But this is history and I am gald I got to see it!

JustMe said...

Sweet Megan - I totally agree with you. It almost felt like the media were anointing a "savior".

Actually, I was interested in what she would wear. There has always been a lot of interest about what the new first lady will wear on such an important day. Up to this point, I pretty much thought Michelle had a great sense of style, but she sure blew it yesterday.

Obama is THE PRESIDENT of The United States of America. If the nation, as a whole, cannot treat the Office, if not the man, with respect, what hope is there for the rest of us?
It was deplorable that people actually booed President Bush yesterday. It doesn’t matter if we agree with his politics, or not, we should respect the office.

Dang (looking down) I didn’t realize this soapbox was so high. I’ll climb down now.

Sara said...

I love what you wrote... it's like he is a celebrity and is on TV all the time... shouldn't he be using that time to be a president... awesome Megan... you are awesome!