Tuesday, January 28, 2014

7 month OCM

It's heartbreaking to realize our baby is closer to being a one year old. How does this happen?? She is gentle and sweet but mostly an observer and we can't get enough of her. 

7 month highlights:

*first tooth broke through (second one is on the way)
*cheeks are red from teething 
*gets up on all fours and throws herself forward- it's not really a crawl but she gets where she wants
*loves rubbing noses
*goes stiff when tickled 
*loves solid foods-she screams/grunts when she sees her cup of food
*doesn't seem to mind getting trampled on by big sister
*grabbing things from sister (including hair)
*yep, still spits up 
*loves bath time
*most happy when being cuddled or held (although independent on the floor)


Captivating Eyes said...

Perfect spit up picture. :)