Sunday, August 18, 2013

Be Good

I was hoping to write this post over a week ago to honor my dad who died exactly 5 years ago. At times it feels like it's been forever yet I remember those days vividly. I've been missing him lately and it's mostly because of our girls. He cherished being a Papa and there are days I wish I could see the girls with him and see how much they would love each other. While these thoughts have been on my mind the last few weeks, todays talks in church just happened to be about finding joy in family. I appreciated the comments made about family and how it's spelled T-I-M-E because in the end that's what we remember and most important- the time spent together. When it comes down to it, I'm just sad they don't have a grandfather figure in their life. They'll never hear him answer the phone "Don speaking" or ending any conversation with the sweet reminder "Be good!". Although I think I might start answering the phone with "Megan speaking". However,  here's where I'm most thankful for journal writing because they'll be able to get to know him through his journals, letters and photographs. 

The latest happenings:

*After Maddie's big girl bed accident and cutting her upper lip, she's been talking so much. It's seriously so  yummy because she sounds like she's speaking Japanese. Sometimes she's talking so seriously and she knows I have no clue what she's saying- she'll throw both hands up in the air like "uh, I give up!". 

*Whenever Olive is sleeping Maddie says "shhhh". 

*Olive has been colic at night and was spitting up in a way that was not normal after each feeding. I've given up dairy and chocolate and that seems to have helped tremendously with the spit up. With the little research I've done about colic, "they" say there really isn't much you can do. Well I don't buy it. I took her to my chiropractor all this week and she's changed dramatically. Along with sticking to a feeding routine.

* Olive is getting more and more animated and is full of smiles. Particularly  after a feeding. She also took her first bottle yesterday which eases so many stresses I've had about working on weekends or going on a date with the husband. I'm feeling like I can go out and be a part of society. 

* Cony got a permanent job with his company! Huge blessing is so many ways. Just when we were questioning our future, we were both reminded that we had a sweet assurance in the beginning this company would be where he was meant to be. Monday morning he walked into work and was given an offer!

*I've finally been nesting and loving the challenge to decorate/organize with only the things we have on hand. With the exception of fabric for M3's room. 

*Maddie wore a dress to church today my sister Emily wore at her age and Olive wore a dress of mine. Love finding these little treasures my mom has kept! 


Suzie said...

beautiful little girls! I'm sure your dad isn't far away for ask these fun times with your little sweet girls.

Captivating Eyes said...

Somebody looks like a daddy's girl. :) I'm sorry about your father passing. I've never experienced it, but I can't imagine not having him around to experience those little moments gets any better. Just remember that the girls will get to know him one day. And who knows...maybe they've already met him before they came down here. :)