Monday, July 29, 2013

1st and 20

We had a few big milestones to celebrate over the weekend... Miss Olive turned one month old and she celebrated (and hasn't stopped) by having a cold. It's one of the most pitiful things I've ever seen. We finally went through all the boxes in her room to make room for her little self and the crib. Which brings me to our other milestone of moving Miss M into a big girl bed just in time for her 20 month birthday. Both nights so far, M3 loves it and climbs right in, pulls the covers up to her chin and blows kisses goodnight. Sunday morning we didn't get off so easy however. I had just put Olive back down to sleep when I heard Maddie crying. I sent Cony in so I could get some sleep and the next thing I know he's yelling for me. Poor girl decided to use her new bed as a jungle gym and somehow tore the piece of skin in her upper lip so it just hangs between her two front teeth. Clearly I don't know the technical term for that piece of skin, but blood was everywhere and she couldn't be consoled. Which is not like her in the least. Thankfully my sister works in people's mouths all day long and came over and said she'd be fine! She was hesitant to eat anything except drink a smoothie until late afternoon. Other than that she was back to herself pretty quickly. It seems like she's ready to attend college already because she also started talking in full sentences out of the blue on Saturday. Some sentences are more clear than others but she's trying. Anyone have any pointers for potty training? She is showing signs and has told me a few times when she needs to go. I just don't have the energy I feel I need to be in full potty training mode. There truly is never a dull moment but one of our family motto's is: 'go big or go home'. 



Tara said...

Sorry to hear about Madelyn's injury. :( Sad to see/hear your child in pain. Good luck with the transition to big girl bed! Niels moved Gage out of the crib while I was at work one day. The first few days were ok and then it was rough so I hope your experience is much better! I am not looking forward to my twins going through this transition (and in the same bedroom). Hmm.

Hope Olive's cold will go away soon. So sad :(