Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Father's Day

I consider it to be a wonderful feeling to sit here and not know where to begin to talk about my man. He's pretty special in all kinds of ways, but lately watching him be a father beats everything else. Madelyn lights up the second she sees him and screams "Dadda!" at any possible moment. He's very proud she's a daddy's girl and has high hopes to make Olive one too. Which leaves me to be chopped liver. And honestly, I'm ok with it. Cony is always wanting to be a better man, which can be a curse and blessing depending on the day. I'm grateful I can count on him to help switch laundry, do the dishes, change diapers, vacuum and lately- cook. He doesn't even seem to mind being my pack mule while on photo shoots. He's been a solid source of encouragement during this pregnancy. As hard as it is on me physically and emotionally, some days dealing with me is much harder than what I'm dealing with. I count my lucky stars every day for him.