Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Blueberries and Sunflowers

On Saturday we finally enjoyed a day doing things we wanted to and it was glorious. We picked 10 pounds of blueberries to freeze since we drink smoothies morning and night. Cony finally agreed to let me buy a Vitamix and it's changed my life. (And no, I don't exaggerate nor am I sarcastic.) Afterwards, we headed to a farm where they plant 14 acres of sunflowers each year and sell bouquets for $5 for the Make a Wish Foundation. It was a picture perfect moment. 





I also have a totally random story... When mom, Emily and Jordan were in town and while we were walking on the Freedom Trail (in Boston) I saw this young gentlemen with a t-shirt on that said:
 "Cranney Farms
Oakley, Idaho" 
It took me by surprise because we pretty much grew up in Oakley as kids and it seriously has less than 500 people in the town and is nothing but potato farms. I don't like to claim Idaho but I did have a wonderful childhood in a town with no stop light. So of course I had to say something to this guy and come to find out he was a BYU student (duh) in Boston campaigning for Mitt Romney (even bigger duh). He didn't know who the Cranney's were but all you Idaho peeps, tell the Cranney's their t-shirts made it all the way to New England and it gave the Tompkins' something to smile about while visiting from the South.  


Captivating Eyes said...

Your posts always make me smile :)