Tuesday, April 5, 2011

heat to AC back to heat

We didn't announce that we were taking a trip to Georgia because it was a short trip and we didn't have time to see everyone. I promise to take the time in the summer to spend quality time with all of you. We headed to the dirty south for Cony's dads retirement party. We had the most wonderful time even if my throat swelled up the second I got off the plane from all the pollen. Highlights of the trip:

*Emily's 27th Birthday
*Mellow Mushroom
*nieces & nephews!
*parents *siblings or in-laws
*Robek's FIT shake. Yum.

*Stone Mountain
*Stone Mountain Evergreen Hotel-recommend a stay
*breakfast spread at hotel with family

*seeing the sun & getting a little pink

*hot tub at midnight

*retirement party

*grilling outside

*chillin' at the family RV
*Baby Myers

*Shulman girls!


*the Other Megan

*Lawson- thank you for the ride!
*getting eyebrows did

*friends who take care of our Gracie
*flying back in a lightning storm. (do NOT recommend)


Cony's sister and her man..


We love to do our "shake our booty" dance.








Baby Myers loves me.

View from hotel room.

Favorite design element in hotel.

Love the Azaleas. But hated the allergies.


Erin said...

I had no idea you were here!!! Glad that you had a wonderful trip! Hopefully we can see u in a few months!!! Do u know when you'll be here in the summer? :)

Charity said...

Myers didn't get !! :(
Where did you go swimming?!
I want a copy of that picture of you with him :)

Ruth said...

Oh how I miss Georgia and the South in all its Glory! I am jealous you get to visit. All my peeps are gone sooooo getting back there is scarce if ever. I cannot wait to cya at the wedding!