Sunday, December 26, 2010

Our First New England Christmas

Hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas weekend. I've been on edge and I'm not sure if it's because we are away from family, we didn't have a white Christmas or it's just plain ol' hormones. Seriously, can someone explain to me why and how it snowed in Georgia for the first time on Christmas day in over 120 years when we are in New England...where we were expecting to have a white Christmas and it did not deliver? (I'm typing this while we're in the middle of a blizzard... go figure!).

Friday we spent the evening with 2 of our favorite families eating and caroling. I almost forgot that we were caroling and completely forgot to mention that tiny fact to Cony. He'd never been and was not happy about walking around in the cold and singing... but he had a change of heart like I knew he would.


Here we come a wassailing..

Our hut by the tree to keep an eye out for Santa...

Christmas day we spent the entire day with our other favorite family.. the Rice's!

Doing a little Wii...

a little barbie time...

and crafting.


Also spent the entire day in pj's. Cony represented our new home and I represented our old home. You can't see, but Cony's bottoms are Husky attire.


Here's a little sneak of our home during the holiday...

LOVE this nativity set given to me by Chay Chay for my 30th.



Happy Christmas!


Captivating Eyes said...

Everything looks absolutely adorable!! Don't get snowed in up there!