Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A little more interesting

So I promised a little more information and more excitement in the next post. So hopefully this post will fill that void in your life because you didn't know what exactly was going on in our life. ;)
For Labor Day we headed up to Lake Burton. Most haven't even heard of the lake, so I'm hesitant to even mention it cause it's a wonderful little secret. The Epple family invited us to stay with them in their lake home called Laurel Haven. The house is a dream. I'm not even sure how we got there because it's in the middle of NOwhere. Sunday (yes we broke the sabbath mom- don't freak out!) we got there and got straight to business. The boat of course! Did a little tubing and just enjoyed being in the beautiful scenery.
After dinner, Cony and I decided to go swimming and that involved jumping off the railing of the boathouse. (which is a dream by itself). I can honestly say that was one of the greatest nights Cony and I were able to spend together. We just kept climbing those stairs and jumping that 20 or more feet off the railing. Cony was a little boy in a toy store. And to make it even better it started raining. But not the hard-lightning type of rain, the romantic-makes you want to just lay there forever type of rain. It made it special because it was just the two of us with no worries and just time to enjoy our love. I DID NOT want it to end.
We were staying in the master suite on the main floor (I would explain this amazing home but I wouldn't be able to stop.. just know it was GRAND) which was next to the screened-in porch, but it's more like an outdoor living room. This is where we spent most of the night watching 'Hero's'. And from the previous post you already know that we are addicted to 'Hero's'.
The next morning before we left we headed out on the boat and I was able to water ski! Cony didn't because he has huge feet that didn't fit anything they had. Dad would call his feet skis they are so big! Oh dad, I will miss your sense of humor.
So if we ever have a house on a lake we will invite you (who ever reads this-anyone?) to come spend a fabulous, carefree weekend sometime.

More on a serious, less exciting note. I started my new job last week as a Research Assistant in a Dermatology office. So far I really like it, just going through all those 'new job' frustrations. I know I will really like it when I know what the heck I'm doing!
My upstairs neighbor is being so loud I can't focus anymore. I can only listen to Adele's "Chasing Pavements" so many times. I wish I could sing like her. Maybe one day.


Becky Scanlan said...

Meg Meg my little nutmeg :) Looks like you are having lots of fun. I miss you tons and hope to talk to you soon. luv u more than my lugage.
Becky Sue

Heather and Ryan said...

Uh- yeah, we'll come! It was good to see you last night! And that does sound SUPER romantic. CHERISH these alone moments while you can!
Ahh, she said she loved you more than her luggage... I love Steele Magnolias. :)

Jenny said...

I love it when I get rewarded for reading a blog.

Here is a trascript of my reaction, "Hey Honey! We are invited to Megan and Cony's future lake house!"
Chance, "Oh. Cool!"

Megan said...

Cherish alone moments while you can...does she know something we (meaning I) don't?! Are you finally making Layne a playmate?

The Potter Pack said...

How fun !! You are so freakin' cute !!

Clarise and Ryan Pedersen said...

hi guys! love u!

Tara said...

Put me on the list... of people you'll invite when you have a lake house! I'm in! Sounds like you guys had a great time & no injuries. Success!