Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Jordan turns 4

So Jordan turned 4 today. It's crazy to think that it's been 4 years! Since that was a big life-changing summer for me, I correlate and judge time when Jordan was born and in the hospital. I LOVE all my nephews and nieces and was tickled that we spent a few hours with them tonight in Cartersville near the Allatoona Dam, eating pizza and cookie cake. Yummm. Here are a few of my favorites moments.


Alison said...

Are these Clark's kids? Wow!

RebeckerOnline said...

ok, cute! There is a cute miniature Megan in one of the pictures.

Mike said...

Holy Cow ... 2 of Clark's kids look just like you and Emily - that is so crazy !! I thought it was pics of you guys way back when ... seriously, the blond is you - with a cute jaw line and the other is Emily - to the T !!