Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Mountain that Must Be Climbed

We've been facing a mountain of a problem this week and I'm documenting it because it's part of our journey. In adoption there is a form called ICPC (Interstate Compact on the Placement of a Child) and every state has one that needs to be approved. Since we are residences of Connecticut we have to be approved by both ICPC offices in South Carolina AND Connecticut. SC had our paperwork in court by Wednesday morning last week and approved us within hours. They sent the form off to CT by Friday morning and we were really hoping to be in Atlanta by Friday night with family but Monday morning rolls around and we are told everything is looking good, go a head a pack up! So we did. 

I knew once 5:00 came around and we hadn't heard anything we weren't going anywhere. CT didn't feel they could approve us because of a few things that didn't make any sense. 1) They were concerned we didn't make enough money and didn't want us to come back to CT and get on government help (which if that was the case- we are tax paying citizens... why should it matter??). 2) They wanted to wait for the FBI clearance on Cony and only Cony. In CT it's NOT in the handbook that your have to have the clearance in hand before approval. This particularly didn't make any sense since Cony has been in the Navy and has had an FBI clearance that was more in depth. 3) They weren't sure why our agency (LDS Services) had a lawyer involved in our case. Since Madelyn was born in SC, by law in SC we have to finalize in SC and they need lawyers in order to make that happen. As of yesterday they even came up with the idea that they needed LDSS licensing in North Carolina since that's where the office is located, but it doesn't seem to matter that NC has NOTHING to do with our case. 

I will say as angry and upset as we were on Monday, I've felt a wonderful peace that things would work out. We fasted on Sunday and for the first time my prayer wasn't answering immediately which leads me to believe this is happening for a reason. We clearly have something to learn. Thankfully we were able to check out of our hotel room yesterday and move our little bumms to Aiken, where my sister-in-law's parents live. They have opened their home to us and it's been a HUGE blessing. Rachel's mama cooks these amazing healthy meals and I've never been more grateful for a home-cooked meal. She also made these "to die for" cinnamon rolls. I'm hoping she'll share the recipe so I can share with you.... worth every single calorie. 

Yes, this has been challenging but we figure it's just part of the process. A good friend of mine wrote me an email yesterday and she said:
"A Mother, a Father and a Baby;  mmmmm, the season brings our minds to another Mother, Father and Baby who were in the same place as you. 

This could be a very moving, special time with the Spirit.  Hope He spends lots of time with you all and brings you comfort."

I will attest that Heavenly Father is spending lots of time with us and we are humbled by our blessings and her perspective on our situation was enlightening. I'm just grateful we have a car instead....We have felt every single prayer that has been said on our behalf regarding this situation and again, we love the people in our life! 

Cony changing his very first diaper. 


Suzie said...

Sorry for the frustrations. Satan really doesn't like eternal families, but I know someone who's tougher than he is ;). I'll pray for you!!! XO--Suzie

The Potter Pack said...

WOW ... sounds like you are being truly blessed. Things will work out and I agree - there must be something to learn. I have had a few of those experiences too ... not always easy ... but it all plays out and then you can see why. Love you !

Heather S. said...

we are routing for you guys and are interested in the updates. Please keep us all posted. We are so proud of you and this journey you are on!